Villa Pacifica

‘The exoticism here is reminiscent of Somerset Maugham’s Borneo Stories and the quasi-hallucinogenic experiences of Paul Bowles’s The Sheltering Sky. In the end, however, Villa Pacifica is more concerned with the vicissitudes of individual relationships. It is self-doubt, rather than anything spiritual, that finally cannibalizes our heroine.’ The Times Literary Supplement

‘Seductive and unsettling, the tropical world of Villa Pacifica has a primal howl at its core that echoes long after reading.’ Mary McCallam, NZ

‘Tangled with darkness like its lush, decaying setting, Villa Pacifica had me gripped to the very end.’ Emily Perkins

Villa Pacifica is a refreshingly bold story, tackling a number of taboos without ever forcing an opinion on us. It generates a tense atmosphere of which the likes of Poe would be proud.’ Writers’ Hub

‘Kassabova unleashes a smart turn of literary speed with a deliciously unexpected ending.’ The Guardian

‘You can practically feel the steam rising off the pages – redolent with tropical heat, like the lush foliage imprisoning Villa Pacifica, this novel’s tendrils wrap around the reader and draw you in.’ TVNZ

‘Intelligent, psychologically compelling. Intriguing, violent, with an appropriately double ending. A truly mesmerising read.’ The Scotsman

‘Kassabova’s novel is a commentary on human strength. Elegant prose and unusual plot lines will intrigue the reader to the finish.’ The Herald, Scotland

‘A wonderfully intriguing story about relationship dynamics, our innermost fears, and a Lost-type plot that keeps building momentum with every page. Villa Pacifica is a splendid read, and deserves a wide audience.’ The Scottish Review of Books

Villa Pacifica is a haunting and utterly satisfying read on every level. I loved the strangeness, the anticipation, the concrete details. I loved the flicker between the fathomable and the hard to fathom. The novel brought to mind the magnificent ability of Gabriel Garcia Marquez to evoke place and person in The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Erendira. Kassabova’s new novel is magnificent.’ Paula Green, NZ Herald



Photography by TD